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“Te voy a echar la migra” in the search for posada, piles of presents (though none for me), and baby Jesus in a cake: Christmastime at Ahouse

I know I haven’t written a blog in a while, but seriously Christmastime at Ahouse has been crazy. Ever since Thanksgiving I have been drowning with work due to all the increased donations and trying to sort that clothing in, being part of the committee to plan Shopping Day, having a pretty full house, and […]

A Letter to Anyone Thinking about Donating Used Clothing this Holiday Season (Or Really Ever)

“It’s definitely the dress,” says Captain Von Trapp. “You’ll have to change before you meet the children.” “But it’s the only one I have,” explains Maria because she had to give away all her worldly possessions when she entered the abbey. “Well, what about this one?” asks Captain Von Trapp confused. “Oh, the poor didn’t […]

“And So You’re Not Scared of Me? You’re Courageous.”

“Do you like Led Zepplin?” I turned around to see who was asking that question. It was the man I had just past and made polite eye contact with on the sidewalk. He had turned around in the middle of the intersection to ask me that question. “I’m sorry, what did you say?” I asked […]

Being Homeless Doesn’t Make You Less of a Person

Let me first start by saying how glad I am that free health clinics like this exist for people who literally have no resources or way to pay for health care. But merely existing is not enough… Today I accompanied one of out guests to the only free health clinic available to the homeless of […]