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About Me

My name is Alanna Gillis and I just graduated from Furman University with a major in Sociology and interdisciplinary minors in Poverty Studies and Latin American Studies. I am currently a year-long volunteer at Annunciation House, a homeless shelter for undocumented immigrants, refugees, and migrants primarily from Latin America. I both live and work in the house, a source of joy and community (and occasionally struggle). I am passionate about working for social justice for all people, regardless of race, social class, documentation status, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, etc. Once I finish my year at A-house, I plan to attend graduate school at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill in order to pursue my PhD in Sociology and ultimately become a college professor in order to help open the eyes of college students to the world of social injustice around them as my professors did for me.

The title of this blog, “living simply for justice” was created with a double meaning: the first is playing on the idea of “living simply” advocated by many social justice organizations where an individual tries to give up many of the material objects of privilege in order to attempt to live in solidarity with the poor in their fight for justice. The second layer of meaning is more obvious: the core of human existence, in my opinion, should be the fight for justice for all of humankind.


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