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Happy, Funny, and Life-Filled Moments from My New Home

I know that I have a tendency to love to criticize things that I believe need to be changed, while downplaying the importance of those happy little moments in life that make me feel at home at Casa Vides. Therefore, I am going to try to make a concerted effort to at least once a […]

Detention Center Visit: Practicing Being a Sociologist

Earlier this week I went to visit the detention center*, called the corralon by the guests (many of whom have a male family member detained while the women and children were released), or called the El Paso Processing Center by the official messages we receive. The following post was what I literally wrote in my […]

Being Homeless Doesn’t Make You Less of a Person

Let me first start by saying how glad I am that free health clinics like this exist for people who literally have no resources or way to pay for health care. But merely existing is not enough… Today I accompanied one of out guests to the only free health clinic available to the homeless of […]

The Neutral Observer Becomes an Actor

I remember my freshman year of college when I did not know that there had been military dictatorships in Latin America. And was still too innocent to comprehend the idea of what desaparecidos were (for those who don’t know, this means the disappeared, something that has happened to hundreds of thousands of Latin American people […]

Introduction to A-house (with a poem)

I’ve struggled for many months trying to decide whether or not to write a blog. Almost all of my friends who are doing something “exciting” or “exotic” their first year out of college are writing blogs about it to inform their friends and family of their adventures, share their feelings, and sometimes ask for financial […]